I realized I had made a horrible mistake, as much as I want to run everything seemed to be in slow motion including myself.

The Alpha wolf charged forward and bit Chiara’s leg and tried to wrench her feet out from under her. She must of been much stronger than she looked because not only did she stay on her feet but she yanked her leg to the side and dragged the large wolf to the ground himself.

I lost what was happening between the two of them a split second later as all of the other wolves breathed on poor Chiara. I lost her in the frost cloud.

I heard a yelp and saw the Alpha thrown out of the cloud. Chiara came out after, her clothes covered in frost but it didn’t seem to bother her in the least. The Alpha got to his feet and began to limp as fast as he could towards the exit.“Stop her, kill her!”, he growled.

A few of the other wolves interposed themselves between Chiara and the Alpha. They spread out to encircle her. They began to dart in but none committed fully to an attack.

“Leave and I won’t slay all of you! You have broken our peace but if you leave the mother and forget about these people I won’t pursue you.” She still seemed calm but there was a slight edge to her voice.

“The Alpha turned to her, the blood leaking out his mouth his own this time, “You broke the peace when you hid these intruders from us! Give them to me now and the witches will not here of this. You can beat me, but you cannot defy their will.” He began to move towards my mother again.

With a word of arcane power Chiara lifted her hands and all of the wolves between her and my mother fell upwards into the air. She walked calmly towards my mother and picked her up gently. All of the wolves on the ground growled but backed away. “If you must tell them that is fine little pup, but I have lived here longer than you have been alive.” She walked towards me until she was between me and all of the wolves. “I do not fear your witches, they fear me!” With that Chiara unleashed a wave of power and all of the wolves turned tail and ran. Another word of arcane power and the entrance to the cave was blocked by stone, it didn’t even seem like there had been an entrance at all.

“Come little one, we must see to your mother. I assume your father is farther up in my home looking for him, please go and fetch him before he gets himself into any trouble.”


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