Tsura's Journey 3 - Time is of the essence

Say what I will about these witches and their ironic hold over the human cities, I can not fault their methods of power. They have used fear to a grand design over oppressing the humans, a tatic that they have employed over many of the other races for quite some time. Naturally we found that witch of the tower has been gone for some time, and for that I can only count my blessings. Her apprentice was a powerful one indeed and if that one is just a trainee then I am glad that he was the only master of the tower at the time.

I grow both curious and tired of the politics of their ways as well. Mierial, who I thought at first a spy against us, seemed to have ultieror goals. She holds far too much knowledge about the towers’ defenses to be an outsider, but if she was truly working for this false queen of the winter, then it would have been in her best intrests to attack and kill us together with the unclean human at the top of the tower. I believe that she is also tired of the human cities and would prefer seeing her kin and kind released from whatever grip the humans have imagined they needed this time.

We found Nadya in the tower, unsuccessful in escaping the clutches of the witch guards. I was amazed that she did not find death as the inn keeper and his friends did. A bonus for us, as she is well versed in the politics of the cities up north. Such a trite thing, having nothing else to subjugate they must invent new ways to keep themselves entertained. You will never see a glorious tribe of orcs lost in “politics”, nor does the great troll who hunts and keeps his lair in solitude. It is not a complex life we lead, but the civ-races must find something to keep their bordom in check.

We now travel to the main city once more, working to free the hutt of Baba Yaga and hoping to restore some balance to this world. I do not know if having her back in power is truly better, but I can only hope to help those who have been oppressed by the humans while we journey on the way. I can also say with confidence that even if Baba Yaga is worse than this false queen, she has never in all her years tried to ice the whole world.

Tsura's Journey 3 - Time is of the essence

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